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Historian's Corner

Railroading Campout (2014)

The Boy Scouts went to the Whitewater Valley station and learned a lot about the saftey on the rails, the types of trains, and more. They also earned the Railroading merit badge while doing it.

There were push-cars that you could work as a team to push along some rails. There were also things called "speeders" that were small vehicles that zoomed around the tracks. There were even model trains to look at. This was a great campout; from the historic village to the old steam locomotive.


Summer Camp at CLR (2013)

The troop went to Chief Logan Reservation for one week this summer. The Scouts were either hanging around camp, participating in Foothills (for the younger Scouts), or earning plenty of merit badges, at least 118 total for this year! They also has fun with an assortment of other great activities such as fishing, archery, shooting, and swimming. Everyone came back with a smile on their face after this great time.

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Via Ferrata - Rock Climbing (2013)

The Boy Scouts camped at Via Ferrata, which is about three hours from Milford. They arrived, pitched their tents and stayed the night. The next day, the boys went rock climbing with a harness and bungee cords. The different cliffs varied in difficulty, so everyone had a spot on this fun campout.



Relay For Life (2013)

Troop 468 went to Relay for Life. It took place at the Milford Junior High Track. It lasted the whole night. The Troop had at least two people on the track all night. At night the boys played fun games, like a poker lap, zombie lap, euchre, and a prize game. We donated over $500 to this great cause to end cancer. It was great fun for both the boys and the adults! (Everyone was a little tired after this campout!)




Caving Campout at Mammoth Cave NP and Horse Cave

The Troop gathered at Trinity United Methodist church at 5:30pm on Friday. We packed are things in the trailer and went on our way to the Mammoth Cave camp ground. There was some confusion on the road because of some technical difficulties with the map, but no one got lost. The Troop got to the camp sight and unloaded the trailer and put up tents by 10pm.

On Saturday, the Troop went to Horse Cave. The Troop was split into two groups. The first group went straight in the cave. The second one did a service project where they helped carry up wood from a cut down tree. The first group did their service project after the cave tour. They picked up trash in the sink hole that leads down to the opening of the cave. Trash blows in from the street above which needs to be cleaned up throughout the year.

The cave tour was pretty exciting. The cave had a vast array of crawl spaces and cool waterfalls. The scouts got to crawl through some tight holes and twist and curl through some narrow openings. Everyone was pretty wet and dirty at the end of the tour. Everyone had a good time and no one got stuck or trapped. We saw a blind cave crayfish, a blind catfish, and several bats hibernating in the cave.

Saturday night, the troop broke into three groups to practice fire building. The Thunderbirds used their fire to cook hobo meals while the rest of the patrols cooked on their stoves. Everyone was pretty tired after caving and went to bed early. We lost an hour of sleep because of the Daylight Savings Time change.

On Sunday, we cooked breakfast and broke down camp. We got back to Milford Junior High around 1:30pm.



















YMCA Overnight

The YMCA over night started at Friedlander at one o'clock. The scouts did some COPE activities in front of the trail blazer picnic shelter. After the COPE activities they played a game called "Spud" introduced by a scout named Noah Maze. Then, the scouts played kick ball. After kick ball the scouts did some more COPE activities. Then, at six thirty the scouts left for the YMCA. At the YMCA they had pizza for diner. After dinner the scouts could swim in the pool or go to the basket ball court and play basket ball. Even though the weather was chilly, the scouts still had fun.

Yurt "Scout is Reverent" Campout at Chilo Lock Park

A lot of people went on the yurt camp out at the Chilo lock 34 park in December. Although it was wet, it was still fun. The people who went in the three story museum saw things about the Ohio River, the Lock, and barges. They even had a mock command center for a barge in the museum. After they went to the museum, they went on a hike at the nature preserve with the park's naturalist. They saw animals, trees, and even a cat. They also learned how to classify trees based on their bark, limbs, and leaf structure.

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Boys Work on Aviation Merit Badge

A number of Scouts took advantage of the Aviation Merit Badge being offered this fall at the troop by one of our committee members. One of the requirement options is to take a flight in an aircraft and some of our boys jumped at the chance to take a flight.













Peterloon 2012

Well what can you say about Peterloon the world's longest running Council Jamboree. The troop was well represented with 95 attendees; Boy Scouts, Webelos, Scout Leaders and parents. Of course we seemed small compared to the 6000 participants at the event.

Boys from the Thunderbird and Cobra patrol merged and became the AWESOME patrol to win the Lost In The Woods competition at Peterloon. The Awesome boys won tickets to the St. Rita Haunted House.














Put-In-Bay Invitational Camporee

Troop 468 attended the Put-In-Bay Camporee at the Perry Peace Monument, South Bass Island, on Lake Erie with a 1000 other Scouts. This year the weekend's events celebrated the 200 year anniversary of the War of 1812.




























Rafting - Cumberland River, KY

At whitewater rafting, the troop rode in rafts, having a great time. They went down some pretty big rapids and some even fell in!